Thursday, April 26, 2018

Home Decor

Springs seems to have arrived so we thought we would work on some home decor projects. 

Here's a sample of what we have been working on.

This pom pom afghan is a really fun way to jazz up a chair.
This was made with super bulky yarn and has lots of texture.

Speaking of texture - here's a bauble lapghan.
A customer asked us to make this lapghan for her mother for Mother's Day. 
It turned out absolutely beautiful.

This afghan was made using size 50 needles and super chunky yarn. 
Looks great with the couch since it has a little blue in the cushions.

Now on to some fun decorating the mantel for the warmer weather.

Here are some canning jars dressed up in cable cozies.

Here are two pictures of the hugely popular succulents in crochet plant baskets.

Nothing cheers me up more than decorating. 
I hope we have inspired you to have some fun decorating your own home for spring and summer.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Stuffed Creatures

So far this winter, Knitting by Pam and Donna have been very busy making all kinds of stuffed creatures for special requests.

This flamingo was made for a neighbor and friend. She is giving it to her niece's child since he apparently likes flamingos. Let's be honest what isn't there to like about flamingos!

A lot of people have been asking for sloths recently. The little sloth was shared on my Facebook page. Since it is a crochet pattern, Donna has been working on perfecting this pattern. The bigger sloth is a knitted pattern that worked up very fast and is cute as can be.

The next three pictures are items made by special request for the Flying Squirrel, a vintage toy store in Carnegie, PA 

The next two pictures are Instagram posts from the Flying Squirrel Instagram page.

Apparently the owls are being saved for a special event the Flying Squirrel will be having in February.

These project have been a pleasure to work on during these cold and dark days of winter. 
These little creatures do make you smile while working on them. 
I do hope they make others smile as well.

Monday, December 18, 2017

The Tale of Knitting a Christmas Stocking

A very good customer of ours asked us in December of 2016 if we could knit a Christmas stocking for her for next year. This stocking was for her daugher-in-law. Apparently all of her children have this same stocking.

In January she brought the stocking to us. Of course life gets in the way (in a big way this year) and we don't get to the stocking until November. We all know when she needs it!

Keep in mind we have never done a Christmas stocking before. This pattern is called an Old Fashion Christmas Stocking and old fashion it was - right down to the yarn - very old wool yarn that I kept getting splinters from. Who knew you could get splinters from yarn?

So with that build up,  here's the tale of Knitting a Christmas Stocking Step By Step.

The ribbing was the easiest part of this whole project. It was knit one, purl one for an inch and a half.

The next step was knitting her name into the stocking. You guessed it we have never done that before. The way the pattern wanted me to knit the name in wouldn't work since "Chelsea" was too long. So out came the graph paper to figure out how this was going to go. Donna and I worked on the name for two days trying to get it to work in 52 stitches.

So then the pattern called for us to knit the tree in the stocking. Well we did and it was the most anemic tree ever. So I tore out the whole block and then just knitted with the red and made my own version of the tree and sewed it on. It looked so much better. 

The next block was the Santa block. We did have to knit him in as we didn't have any idea of how to make a Santa and sew him on. 

The next part was turning the heel - never did that before. Thank heavens Donna made a pair of socks once and sort of remembered how to do that.
My only regret in this project was following the pattern for knitting in the year. 
I wish I would have made it smaller like her name. 
Oh well, live and learn. 

Here it is - the stocking is all finished. 
I have to say it is the longest stocking I have ever seen.
The customer was very happy with it and she said the stockings that have been used for years are very long at this point. I guess Chelsea will have to work on being a good girl so hers will get longer from all the gifts as well. 

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Craft Fairs

We have a pretty busy schedule for December this year!
Here is where you can find us throughout the holiday shopping season.

December 2
Arts and Crafts Fair Hosted by CC. Mellor Memorial Library
1 Pennwood Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
9a - 6p

December 8 and 9
Swissvale Library Holiday Bake Sale
1800 Monongahela Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Friday - 10a - 4p
Saturday - 9a - 11:30a
On Saturday we are leaving a little early for another event. The bake sale actually continues until 2p.

December 9 and 10
The Novelty Collective
The COVE Art Center
939 California Ave
Avalon, PA 15202
Saturday - 1p - 8p
Sunday - 1p - 8p

We are available by appointment throughout the month of December. 
We may also have an open house closer to Christmas if we have enough inventory.
Keep an eye on Facebook for any updates!

Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

November Craft Show Extravaganzas!

November is the busiest month of the year for holiday craft shows.
Here's a list of where you can find Knitting by Pam and Donna in November. 

November 4, 2017
Clover Commons Craft Show
Off Route 286
Plum Borough, PA 15239
9a - 3p

November 11, 2017
Anne Ashley United Methodist Church
334 E. 22nd Avenue
Munhall, PA 15120
9a - 3p

November 12, 2017
16th Annual Holiday Craft Show @ Bishop Canevin High School
2700 Morange Rd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
10a - 3p 

November 18, 2017
Penn Hills Parks and Recreation 20th Annual Holiday Craft Show
Linton Middle School
250 Aster Street
Penn Hills, PA 15235
8a - 4p

We hope to see you at one or more of these holiday events.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

October Happenings!

Knitting by Pam and Donna made it through their September craft show events - now it's on to October.
Check out where you can catch up with us this month.

October 7
St. Thomas More Church Fall Art and Craft Fair
126 Fort Couch Road
Bethel Park, PA 
(Across from South Hills Village)
9a - 3p

Swissvale Farmers Market
Behind Dickson School on Schoyer Ave.
9a - 1p

Oct 14
Swissvale Farmers Market
Behind Dickson School on Schoyer Ave.
9a - 1p

Oct 21
St. John Cathedral CAMEO Club Craft Show
210 Greentree Road
Munhall, PA 15120
10a - 3p

Swissvale Farmers Market
Behind Dickson School on Schoyer Ave.
9a - 1p

Oct 28
Swissvale Farmers Market
Behind Dickson School on Schoyer Ave.
9a - 1p
This is the last market of this season - so you better come by and stock up on those scrubbies!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fall Events - September

Autumn is upon us and that means the fall and holiday craft shows are coming up.

If you are wondering where Knitting by Pam and Donna are going to be in September wonder no more!

September 16 and 17
Covered Bridge Festival
Henry Bridge
Mingo Creek State Park 
Washington County
10a - 5p both days

September 23
Swissvale Farmers Market
Behind Dickson School in Swissvale
9a - 1p

September 23
Homestead United Presbyterian Church
9th and Ann Streets
Homestead, PA 15120
9a - 3p

September 28, 29 and 30
Swissvale Library Book and Bake Sale
1800 Monongahela Ave
Swissvale, PA 15218
Thursday - 4p - 8p
Friday - 10a - 4p
Saturday - 9a - 2p

September 30
Swissvale Farmers Market
Behind Dickson School in Swissvale
9a - 1p

Enjoy your autumn!